Scott Bagnell

Hi, I’m Scott Bagnell. Top 9 Finalist of Masterchef Australia 2021, home-cook, cookbook collector, decadent baker and self-confessed food nerd. I am also a keen wine enthusiast, passionate teacher, traveller, sustainability advocate and commercial Interior Designer of over 20 years specialising in hospitality and retail design experiences.  

With a lifetime of home-cooking experience, some 380 cookbooks and now months of Masterchef training and competing, I am ready to share my knowledge with you and hopefully inspire you to get creative in the kitchen.

As you can probably tell already, I have a very enthusiastic passion for life, and a lot of keen interests. I have been working on combining my love of design, food, wine, travel and teaching for many years – Growkery is the accumulation of these passions and my happy place.

Scott Bagnell MasterChef

Food was always the centre of my childhood growing up. My Nana and Popa and Grandma and Grandpa all grew their own vegetables, and I would help mum and nana pickle vegetables and bake tarts and biscuits all day long.

When tasked with making the cake for my sister’s wedding, I was never going to take the easy path. Opting for a two-tiered masterpiece, I also decided to create 12 additional cakes – one for each table. The layered wattle seed dark chocolate and lemon myrtle white chocolate delicacies were a lot to take on, but as guests partied the night away, and raved about the unique idea – I knew it was all worth it.

In 2001 I was lucky enough to attend a university study tour to Spain and France which was my first time ever travelling overseas. It ignited a huge love of international food and culture and it is when my love of cooking really took off.

I love the idea of storytelling through food and food experiences. Recreating nostalgic dishes with a new spin is one of my favourite things to do or developing creative and unusual flavour combinations.

I also love to find and cook with unusual and interesting ingredients with a keen interest in Australian Native Ingredients.

Keen to impress the judges, my audition dish for MasterChef Australia was called Black Gold and was a dessert consisting of a Chocolate Choux au Craquelin with Truffle Zabaglione Cream, Chocolate Soil and native Australian mint.

Black Gold MasterChef
Scott Bagnell MasterChef
Scott Bagnell MasterChef

My other passions in life

Outside of the kitchen, my other big passion is design. I have been an Interior Designer for almost 20 years founded my own Interior Design Company Techniche Design in 2003 after working in a range of architectural and design practices. My experience in the design industry is quite broad, encompassing a range of disciplines including interior, retail, hospitality, education, commercial, religious, residential, visual communication design, multimedia, theatrical set design, and event management.

In recent years, I have specialised more in retail and hospitality design, and now looking to further specialise in restaurant design and unique concepts that truly hero exceptional dining experiences and great food.

For more information about my design business or to talk about a new project – please visit my website