Ricotta and Masala Pear Cake

Growkery is the next step of the food journey for Scott Bagnell, Top 9 Finalist of MasterChef Australia 2021 and self-confessed food nerd.

If you have never heard of the word ‘growk’ you are not alone, but surprising you probably have growked at someone more than once before. Of Scottish origin, to ‘growk’ at someone is to stare at them while they eat hoping they will share their food with you.

I stumbled across this amazing word, and I immediately connected with it. Every time I order at a restaurant, I suffer food envy, seeing someone else’s food come out, I find myself staring longingly at their meal wanting them to share it with me. I have definitely growked at a few people before. 

Masterchef was such a fantastic experience for me – being surrounded by fellow food nerds, sharing ideas and inspiration, I really wanted to continue this journey and share a similar experience with others.

Cooking I think is such a creative process involving fun, chaos, experimentation and bravery and I want to inspire people to connect to food in a more playful way, exploring new ingredients and recipes to create truly growkable food.

But, all fun aside, there is also a strong practical side to my cooking, as most of us have to put food on the table everyday for the family, so I want my cooking to look amazing, taste amazing and inspire others to have a go. 

Scott Bagnell MasterChef

Growkery is my happy place where we can all embrace the quirky side of food featuring growkable recipes & tips as well as reviews of growkable foodie places and seasonal fresh produce from around Australia. I hope you enjoy it as such as I have putting it together.

I have had a lot of fun setting up this next step – and it is only just starting!  I am developing a lot of content at the moment and maybe a few pop-up experiences, and I look forward to sharing these with everyone very soon.

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